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Photo Albums!

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  • Photo Albums!

    So this new version of the message board software lets everyone has photo albums - since I own the server this thing sits on, I have considerable amount of space and bandwidth for peoples pictures - so go nuts with uploading!

    Please keep it decent, mostly PG13 and nothing offensive - if this is a violation of your free speech, I don't particularly care.

    You can access your images from your control panel or profile, or click on 'all albums' at the the top and start your own album for your pics. I'll be dumping a shload up there shortly, so keep an eye out.

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    Well I'm sure I can speak for most everyone here when I say thanks for what ya do with the forums psychoholic!


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      I wonder how many people know that "free speech" (the first amendment) is nothing more than a limitation on what Congress can do. The courts have done some legislating from the bench to make it seem to be more than that, but this is a private board, so although IANAL, I think that you have the right to make your own rules about the content, including the maximum size, which is ?




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        Ok, here is a pic of me shown below: