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1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse Prices?

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  • 1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse Prices?

    Hi. I'm Very new here and I have an insane question.
    What would someone pay for a 1959 Cadillac Superior hearse?

    I HAVE one that I keep getting offers on, the latest being a trade for a 1986 Corvette. I LOVE my hearse but haven't been able to Keep it up, It's been sitting for a few years.
    My little "GOSTBUS" (License plate) Is still in pretty good shape, it needs new paint and some reupholstering again. The engine is a 390, and should run fine once we put a new battery in it. Needs new tires too. Has some rust issues of course, It seems all hearses get this problem around the door seals. WE bought this car for $50! And drove it home, then proceeded to paint, reupholster. Dad replaced the motor. And it needed a new (bullet hole-less) windshield ($500!) but everything else is original and in working order.
    I've always been told it's such a rare car. I've co-owned it with my dad for 20 years now and I'd hate to see to see it rust away, My dad is thinking the corvette deal might be a good one. If I have to finally let it go though I really want it to go to an enthusiast though, some one who really knows its worth. Does anyone have any advice? Any Knowledge about what this model of car is going for now days? I'm just starting to research this on the web and I've fallen out of the loop on such things. Would it be more worth it to fix it up again instead? I really want to keep it but think it might be better off elsewhere.

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    It would really depend on the quality of your work on the car as well as the condition of the car. I have seen some pretty crappy 59's getting around $3000 with nicer models getting just absurd amounts of money.

    Got pictures by any chance? That would help in making a rough estimate of worth.


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      Not to make you think you are sitting on gold, but that is one of the more desirable cars in the hobby. Zachary is right, sometimes when the market is right basket cases will fetch insane money, and really nice ones will go reallly high.

      That Vette isn't worth shit comparatively. Take some pics of it and post them on here, we can help you figure it out. If you want to cash out on it then clean it up and put it on ebay - you're fortunate that you're in Cali, where people seem to have alot more cash than sense when it comes to those.

      Best of luck to you, hope you stick around.



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        Here's some comparison for you. I have a 1959 Fleetwood, which I recently bought. I paid 13,000.00 for it. I had it appraised at 32,000.00. Restored completely, it'll bring in the 60's to 70's. The car had sat in a car museum in salt lake city for 23 years without regularly running. The body was completely redone, so it is near perfect, The interior is hurting,complete,but hurting, and i have spent 6,000 on the powertrain in the month I have owned it.

        A 59 Superior is far more rare than even this car.

        So base the condition of yours against the condition of mine, and add a few thousand for the rareity difference, and you should get an idea of what you are working with.


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          Oops, here are some photos, I'm not the best at uploading these things so I hope this works!

          I'll shoot some more later today, The only rough, primer spots are on the left side like shown and one on the back door, the right side has stayed really good.


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            Darn, that didn't work, I forgot about myspace and their weird protocols. I'll get them up on another of my pages then send them,from there... Sorry, Told Ya so.


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              worked for me........not a bad looking car.


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                very nice!


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                  Ok, first and foremost, I cannot overstate this enough...

                  Fuck that 86 Corvette. Nothing personal against Vettes, but it isn't going to stack up against this cars worth.

                  First of all, it's a three way WITH the table in tact. The body doesn't totally suck either. Maybe a few rough spots, but I am seeing a very decent car here. I would say put it on Ebay with a modest reserve. I would honestly say at least $8,000. A DHA member sold a 1960 Superior here that was somewhat rough for $8500 and it wasn't even a 59 which is far more desireable. Maybe someone here has a better suggestion on a reserve, but I would give that as a starting point, maybe even higher.


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                    Try my Photography page Http:// For some more pictures. I can't seem to upload them here. Thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions. I REALLY love my car, and I will definitely send my dad all of your recommendations etc. I just have to convince my husband that "She" really is an investment and worth holding onto. (He's not a "car guy" much to my dad's dismay! I've learned to live with it. )
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                      59 Value

                      I have to agree with Zac. As a guy whos been longing for a 59 pro car for 10 years, as bad as I would like to tell you its worth 1800 bucks I cant I would say take NO less then 8500, and I would expect it to go for between 9 and 11 grand. Just to make it intersting, Im going to say on an Ebay auction it would being 10,725.



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                        Any photos ??


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                          I like it. The red is sexy, very necro.

                          I would take 10,000, or the 86 Vette and 9,500 cash.



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                            I know exactly where that car should my garage!


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                              I have to agree with Zach on the Vette. 86 is one of the very worst years. I would not concider even trading the shabbest car I have for an 86.
                              That is all I have to ad.