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Gots me a new daily driver/shop truck.

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  • Gots me a new daily driver/shop truck.

    It's no big secret that my shop truck (Lurch) is a huge piece of shit. It was a piece of shit when I bought it and for some reason I really enjoyed working on it but this weekend was just too much, it threw a rod through the fucking oil pan and left me on the side of the road for the last time.

    So I did what my friend Joel describes as 'The most Ganci thing possible' and I bought a new(er) truck to use as a shop truck and a daily driver. I give to you 'Uncle Fester'!

    2013 F150 XL. I wanted a pretty much optionless truck other than having AC. I also wanted something that had enough ass to pull Morticia if needed so I sought the 5.0 4v with a towing package. This thing makes 365 hp and 380 lb of torque and has the heavy duty towing package with the upgraded springs, 9.75" rear end, upgraded shocks, factor tow receiver, external oil cooler and a transmission cooler. It can comfortably tow 8300# no problem.