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Thoughts on restomod of mid to late '50s hearse?

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  • Thoughts on restomod of mid to late '50s hearse?

    I'm a noob to the pro car world. I've wanted a mid to late '50s hearse since I was a little kid. How does the community feel about doing restomods to them? I know that with the age they are harder to find especially in good condition. If it has a good running numbers matching engine would it be a sin to pull it and drop in a new crate motor? What about a full frame off restoration but building a new frame for modern ride?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts. I have found a couple out there and trying to decide what to do.

    Another thought was to find the year I want of say a coupe de ville and finding the right shop to turn it into a hearse. I know that means a lot more money and a last resort but maybe it wouldn't push off the purists.

    if I posted this in the wrong place, please move as necessary.