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Has anybody here ever done a custom dashboard in their car?

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  • Has anybody here ever done a custom dashboard in their car?

    When I was driving back from Hearsestock last weekend I was noting that I have a need to be able to mount a tablet to manage my new fuel injection system and there isn't really a good place for it. Also thinking that a single DIN stereo slot limits my options there too.

    I wonder how hard it would be to take out that entire center section and make my own?

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    sounds like an interesting problem

    heres a couple stray thoughts &

    good luck and lets us know how it turns out
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      This is what I have for the fuel injection system:

      I also have

      Add that and some 60# injectors, Aeromotive pump and regulator, LS coils, etc...

      You absolutely gotta check out that first link for all the shit you can do with this thing! For instance if it detects a low voltage condition while idling (let's say I'm enjoying my stereo while sitting around) it will idle up the car to make additional power. I can run the fans after the car is off or turn them off when I'm doing a WOT pull, data logging, multiple maps,, yada yada. I think we are going to install a small Android tablet to control everything.

      I also really want some decent gauges in the dashboard instead of ye olde 3 gauge cluster from Autozone that I currently have attached under the glove box using a pair of vice grips.