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So what are you working on next on your car?

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  • So what are you working on next on your car?

    Every year when driving I come up with this massive list of stuff I want to do but I think it might be getting time to start working on the interior. I desperately need more speakers as the 2 6x9s behind my head sound like fetid garbage. I'm thinking some door 5" 2 way speakers and a set of 3" tweets in the dashboard. I also need to redo the carpet for the umpteenth time, fix the weather stripping, fix the vents that seem to always be open, and I discovered I have a leak somewhere that is causing water to drip from the dashboard in heavy rain.

    I also have a fuel injection system to build (I already have the parts, just need to install) but I'm thinking about going with the Bulldog intake instead of the Edelbrock. I have 2 pusher electric fans that I might swap in and get rid of the manual fan.

    So what's up next on everyone's cars?