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casket rollers versus casket rack

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  • casket rollers versus casket rack

    So im thinking of stripping a 66 combo thats in the bone yard for the rear deck. Its all there rollers, flip over board sections, trim work ect. to put into my 70. The 70 originally had a rack in it and not sure if i should try n hunt down the rack or go and modify the 66 deck to fit. Kinda up in the air if i should cut up the rear deck in the 70. $200 for complete rear deck with seats. Any ideas?????

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    Skeleton rack verses reversible panels often came down to personal preference when new.

    You received a verrrrrrrrrry good price for the complete '66 deck, including seats. I've seen reversible panels in great shape and others that became misaligned and caddywompus after being in use for a few years. Factor this into consideration: Can you have a skeleton rack made for less than the total cost (including labor) to supplant the '66 parts into your '70? Likelihood of finding a skeleton rack is, well...abysmal.

    You can always add just the jump seats if deciding to go with a skeleton rack. If you buy the '66 parts, be sure to take moldings that go around floor openings for panels and jump seat area. Dependent on make, there may be a lower floor molding around jump seats as well. What make is the donor?


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      Hey Atti thanks for the pics. I really would like to keep her original so to speak. But I still may take the yard up on the 66 parts. I wasnt sure if he was screwing me on price or not. Like i said everything is there. They have a few (11) other hearses in the yard also. He's even got (2) 59 crowns that will live the rest of thier lives there due to being sunk into the damn mud to the frame. I did take a few pics, I will try n get them posted.


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        Yes - post them up! Please.

        Besides landau irons I need a few other items for my Crown and a friend in CA has been desperately searching Crown parts for his '60.


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          Bought this as I never see them for sale. The emblem actually dates to '69/'70. How coincidental is that?!?!?


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            HOLY HELL!!!!!!!! Looks to be in pretty good shape yet too. How do you find this stuff? Good god man its like the lost scolls, what are your plans for it?


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              Fresh PM awaits you.


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                Yessir, the casket rack is a rare least to find someone to give theirs up.
                Took six years to find one for my Flxible combo.....