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    Saturday saw Donald E. Fultz estate auction in Bluffton, OH (right near Lima). Mr. Fultz worked at Superior for 20 years starting in late '60s or early '70s. An accomplished woodworker, he was a master craftsman plying his trade for 50 years before passing in February at the age of 75. Up until his death, Mr. Fultz also owned a sign shop and did subcontract work for Accubuilt.

    Mr. Fultz's wife Nancy relayed that Don knew he was already dying when '37 was purchased a mere year and a half ago. Mr. Fultz never stopped working nor setting goals. With his son-in-law Edgar's help, they worked on restoring the Byzantine up until his end. It was even painted 5 miles up the road in the same facility that handles Accubuilt products.

    Byzantine was acquired from a junkyard in Ohio where it had been kept indoors. How this existed for as long as it did, evading both my search prowess and a region laden with procar enthusiasts is pretty incredible.

    Restoration is not finished as images show. Base had very good metal to start with. Most damaged structural wood pieces have been meticulously replaced, including virtually entire rear door framework. Mechanicals have not been renovated yet with a fresh 6v battery '37 started right up, idled beautifully, and drove right into the trailer. Cleared by less than an inch. We knew ahead of time that it was going to be close and were prepared to let air out of tires.

    There was a heaping amount of preparation done in advance of auction. Coach is now going to someone who already has a pair of '37 Byzantines. He's been restoring one of his for a couple years already and this coach is further along than his. (After this new acquisition has been completed, his remaining pair will become available. If interested relay info then exercise some patience, as my gut says at least another year.) One of his Byzantines has an extend table as this one did. Although that isn't his coach currently being restored, he's leaning toward putting extend table back in 'new' '37.

    NHAA member Neonwerkz handled logistics. We managed to swing by Marietta Saturday night and take FD Bill Peoples up on his offer to watch fireworks from his boat. Depleted after a long day, that turned out being an amazing time!

    Engine compartment is still original.

    Dual sidemounts - neither ever rusted out - which gives an excellent indication of 'before' condition.

    Leather seat has been reupholstered and once again has original S&S seat tags applied.

    Only traveled 38,741 believable original miles. Definitely apparent through lack of wear.

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    We need MOAR!


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      You'll see this coach at the Procar Graveyard Open House. Suitable enough?


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          Originally posted by Atti View Post
          You'll see this coach at the Procar Graveyard Open House. Suitable enough?
          I guess I can ogle it then.


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            Tagged along w/ Neonwerkz yesterday delivering. After unloading, told new owner to jump in '37...then proceeded to chauffeur him around his own property dodging (mainly) inanimate objects with no brakes.

            Darryl's photo.

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              It's a rough life you guys lead.