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    Yesterday my navigator spotted this '58 Superior combination off a secondary highway traveling a different route home. This was posted private property, which could lead to gunfire here in Texas. I drove straight to the house and knocked, nobody home. Friendly large dogs greeted me. Left a note, snapped a couple pics on the way out, and continued on our way.

    There were numerous old cars present. Wasn't comfortable being there without the owner. The Superior is too crusty, damaged, and incomplete to restore. Someone put love into the old girl in her past - disc brake conversion and a Chevy big block it looked like.

    Sure hope the owner contacts me. I really need the back bumper for my '58 Superior...maybe I can help him out in return.

    If the rain lets up, today I'm going back to see the '53 S&S ambulance - making 5 straight days of seeing procars 'in the wild'. Can't keep this enjoy pics in the meantime!

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    unles the floor is completely rotted from stem to stern, that car is saveable.


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      Unless I am mistaken the front rims on the Combo seem to be from a mid 60s Tornado/El Dorado(sp). Maybe they converted it to FWD, or maybe those were the only rims that fit.


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        You're good.

        Looks like a fitment solution.