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120915 Planning Meeting Minutes

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  • 120915 Planning Meeting Minutes

    1. NHAA south eastern regional meet date - most seem to prefer early May. This will be a weekend event - check in friday, go home sunday.

    2. NHAA SERM volunteers - DoubleD has volunteered to create filer artwork for print and digital fliers. I would like to see someone from Dead Ends volunteer to be the car show award organizer, but another club can do this if necessary.

    3. Financial Report - Current balance $676.32. NHAA patches - We have recouped our initial investment of $207 and made a profit of $2. DE patches, out of our initial investment of $450, we have recouped $176, leaving a deficit of $274.

    4. T-shirts - We are going with a (possibly reversible) design of a modified DE Casket logo on the front, and shovel girl on the back. We received suggestions for editing DE Casket logo to make it relate better with shovel girl. see attached proof. Once design finalized, we will pursue quotes for T-shirts, possibly a run of 30 - 50. Ryan Berry and Chace Ambrose will provide quotes.

    5. Ad hoc events - see facebook group and/or current events thread. Suggestion for other events such as haunted norcross, corn dogs, atlanta zombie apocalypse?

    6. event planning - NHAA SERM main focus. Possible bats day festival in Americus for 2013. Kevin Donegan will contact days of the dead to see about possible DE involvement.

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    proposed casket logo revision
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      I only have 1 thing to say about the meeting the other night.............. CORNHOLE RODEO!

      Thank you Nina, I have been laughing about that for 2 days now.


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        Originally posted by ryan_ricks View Post
        proposed casket logo revision

        I like it!