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Man this thing is starting to piss me off...

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  • Man this thing is starting to piss me off...

    You have no idea.

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    Turning out being more than intermittent outages while system backs itself up?


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      There is a problem with the database and I can't find it. Some errant table somewhere has a little bit of corruption and it's taking down the entire database abruptly, which leads to more corruption - I'm fairly sure it's THIS database now since it's the only site having symptoms when it comes back to life. I've upgraded almost everything, rebuilt most of the tables, upgraded the site to the latest release, all the databases have been copied/rebuilt... What sucks is that if something happens while I'm at work, there is literally nothing I can do about it until I get home tonight.


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        Not a soul here is stressing you about time Ganci!


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          I've been a system admin for most of my adult life, having servers with phantom issues is the bane of my career - just the idea of it pisses me off to no end.

          And it's a production machine, so it's not like I can bring the entire thing down for lengths of time to fix it, so I have to work on it late at night.


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            We'll you're doing a great job. I love this site, and I know it's not easy keeping this running smoothly.


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              I appreciate it guys. Sites aren't that bad, it's the server that always confounds.

              On the plus side, I already upgraded the site to the latest release in this code branch.