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Stretcher or gurney pad wanted

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  • Stretcher or gurney pad wanted

    I'm need of a pad for my gurney. Does anyone know where i might find a cheap one fairly local? I see them on eBay for about $100 but it's the $50 shipping that gets me.

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    If you know anyone that does sewing (doesnt have to be perfect or expensive seamstress) can make a cheap pad by getting a camping foam mattress (I used the thicker type for mine) and a shower curtain. The shower curtain should be the cloth type and its already fluid proof to an extent. We recovered all the cot pads at the Funeral Home that way a few years ago with a solid blue---it was very inexpensive and looked like professionally done.


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      I thought about making my own. Hadn't thought of using a shower curtain. Should i use some sort of backing for the foam, like thin wood or something to give it some support?


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        I just used the foam and found a new zippered cot cover on ebay. Just cut the foam to fit and zip it up. It was vinal so I guess it's made to be wiped off.


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          We didn't use anything for support. Only covering the foam as the cot has the metal supports across plus our gurney has a head elevator to prop the patient at an angle--so if used any rigid support over the foam---that would not work so well.