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  • ATTN LMS - please check out this event

    Sat, Feb 22nd, 12:00 noon

    Hackfest 101 - it's dangerous to go alone (a primer)

    In which we contemplate, train in, and practice (on a very, very basic level) the arts of defense with edged weapons based on the ancient european arts as taught by talhoffer, fiore, ringeck, liechtenauer, mayer, mair, etc.

    This will include very basics of knives, daggers, bayonets, machete, axes, sword, shield, and spear. We will include basic techniques using force-on-force training with simulators, in addition to live weapons against the pell and soft targets.

    What you need to bring:

    any personal weapons with which you want to train
    Work gloves
    eye protection
    empty plastic containers, such as 2-liter bottles, milk jugs, empty 5 quart oil jugs, antifreeze, etc, etc.
    old news papers
    large empty cardboard boxes

    The more target materials we bring, the more fun we will have

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    lol, where is this?


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      Probably at my place unless we can find a better location.


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        I can probably score some cardboard boxes from work. What do you mean by large?


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          Probably going to cancel because no one is interested.