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Open invite to come work on your chit at the shop.

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  • Open invite to come work on your chit at the shop.

    As Asheville approaches, I still have a BUNCH to do to get Morticia back on the road. Hopefully the new transmission will be ready to go in a few weeks (next payday I'm pulling it out and sending it to Sid Neal to have a BUILT one done), and I still have a bunch of suspension work to do, go through the brakes, replace yet another wheel stud, put the new seats in (got a set of really nice Eddy Bauer leather seats out of an Explorer), fix some of the draft leaks, finish the smog delete bracket, etc....

    I was thinking of having a few Dead Ends Days up at the shop so if you need to do some work on your car in the indoor comfort of my awesome shop, you are more than welcome.

    Would there be any interest in this?

    Also, later this year I don't think Jeremy is going to renew his lease with me - so it will just be Shadow and I up at the shop and a BUNCH of space. I have very reasonable rates for storing your car if interested towards the August/September time frame.

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    I would be interested. Even though Persey is running fine, I still wanna have someone look at her and make sure she's mechanically sound enough to handle the long trip she'll be making in May.


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      I can't offer any mechanic services because I'm terrible. But I'm sure one of the esteemed folks on here would be happy to give a once over.


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        mostly mine is in need of some body work at this point.