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Update on my shop situation.

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  • Update on my shop situation.

    For those not on Facebook, I figured I'd fill everyone in.

    One of the reasons we were able to get the shop so cheap is there was a caveat in the contract that if they sold the building or leased the entire thing, they could kick us out with a 60 day notice. That is one of the reasons we never bothered getting a lift, because I wasn't going to pay for it to be installed then have to have it moved 3 months later.

    Well, they sold the building, we have until June 20th to get out.

    I was a little freaked out at first, because it took a while to find the shop we are in, plus I don't get my deposit money back until after we're out, so fronting money for 2 shops is difficult.

    My uncle jumps in and tells me about his shop in Walnut Grove that they aren't using all of. I go out there today and we negotiate, got everything lined up and we'll start moving in after we get back from Asheville.

    The new spot is actually bigger than the spot we have now AND he's giving me the option to buy it when he retires in a few years. All around, this is a good thing.

    I think it's actually closer to most of the club folks too. It's just a few miles from HD Atha, and it's on the Loganville side of 81, right at the Walnut Grove Parkway (but heading the other way).

    So yeah, that's it.


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    Good news to hear. I need to be closer to a shop like that.


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      It is highly convenient.


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        YES YES YES. you are very close there. We should throw you a house warming/asheville after party.