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Dead Ends Bi-Laws and Policies

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  • Dead Ends Bi-Laws and Policies

    Club Officers:

    President: Ryan Ricks
    Vice President: David N.
    Founder: Chris DiGanci

    New Member Policies:

    Dead Ends has enacted the following policies concerning the recruitment of new members. While we do not wish to be exclusive or discriminatory, we fill it is in our best interest to screen potential new members to ensure a high-quality, drama-free hearse club experience. We feel these policies are fair and commensurate with new member policies of other car clubs.

    Applicant Requirements:

    There are no specific requirements to apply for membership. Applicants do not have to own a hearse, ambulance, flower car, limousine, or any other professional car to qualify. However, Dead Ends will not tolerate the trailer transport of any vehicle capable of moving under its own power to any local event. Dead Ends reserves the right to refuse any applicant petitioner status at the discretion of the President and Vice-President.


    Applicants to Dead Ends must be sponsored by a current, dues-paying member in good standing. Applicants may inquire at under the Dead Ends section, or in person at events if they do not already know an existing member. Current Dead Ends members may not be forced to sponsor an applicant against their will.

    Trial Period:

    Applicants are granted the status of petitioner once they obtain sponsorship. Petitioners must complete a two-event trial period before becoming a full member. Events do not have to be consecutive. Dead Ends reserves the right to refuse any petitioner full-member status at the discretion of the President and Vice-President. Petitioners will be granted full member status based on a majority vote of current members in good standing.

    Full Membership:

    Full members must stay current with their dues and attend at least one event per year in order to maintain good standing. Members are entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership, including but not limited to: new member swag packages (including a t-shirt, sticker, and license plate subject to cost and availability), the right to purchase swag featuring the Dead Ends logo, special prices for swag at cost plus ten percent, and the ability to vote in elections and planning meetings. Other membership benefits may be granted based upon majority vote of dues paying members. Good standing may be revoked for poor conduct at the discretion of the President and Vice-President.

    Grandfathered Status:

    Any individuals formerly members of Dead Ends with membership prior to July 17th, 2011 are grandfathered in, and may bypass the petitioner process at the discretion of the President and Vice-President. Grandfathered individuals are not exempt from paying dues.


    Dues are $50 a year, and must be paid during the month of October. New members may pay dues at any point during the year. For ease of record keeping, all members may renew in October after the first year of membership. Dues should be paid through PayPal whenever possible.

    All money collected in the form of dues will go to fund the purchase of swag, event sponsorship and related expenses, and server fees. Dues may be used to cover additional club expenses by majority vote of members in good standing. Receipts must be kept on file electronically for all purchases made by Dead Ends. Any dues paying member has the right to review receipts of purchased items.

    Swag Policies:

    Swag featuring the Dead Ends logo may only be purchased by dues paying members in good standing. Dues paying members may purchase any swag item for the items cost, plus a ten percent markup. Non-dues paying members may purchase any swag item that does not feature the Dead Ends logo. Swag may be sold to non-dues paying members at cost plus fifty percent. Swag may be sold online and in person at local events.

    Website Policies:

    The National Hearse and Ambulance Association (NHAA) Dead Ends sub-forum is the official internet home base. All events, miscellaneous business, announcements, and discussions should take place here. Other web pages or social networking sites may be used for recruitment, publicity, and communications, but should drive traffic to the NHAA forum whenever possible.

    Event Policies:

    Publicly advertised events are open to all individuals regardless of membership status. Dead Ends must coordinate to bring one easily erectable tent or canopy device per two vehicles whenever possible. Attendees are encouraged to bring chairs, tables, coolers, etc for themselves and others whenever possible. Alcoholic beverages are permissible unless expressly forbidden by event policy, state, or local laws.

    The Sergeant at Arms MUST be armed with a firearm during each event, unless expressly forbidden by state or local law. The weapon may be carried on the person, or stored in a vehicle within easy reach. Any attendee with a valid concealed carry permit is encouraged to arm themselves at events according to state and local law, unless forbidden by a Dead Ends officer for safety reasons.

    Armed attendees wishing to partake of alcoholic beverages must unload their weapon and leave it in their vehicle prior to drinking. The Sergeant at Arms or other officers will be responsible for enforcing this policy, and may ask for the surrendering of a weapon for safety reasons. If a weapon is surrendered to the Sergeant at Arms, it must be returned at the conclusion of the event.
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