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  • Meet Winston!

    In case you missed it on Facebook I got a new dog!

    As a kid I never could have one and I always wanted a Black Lab. As an adult I wanted a friendly dog that I could take to car shows and Ghostbuster events etc.

    I had been checking the local rescue groups and a black lab/hound mix popped up, his name happened to be Winston (the black character in Ghostbusters) So Katie and I met him and adopted him two days later.

    He's about 5 or 6 and was a rescue from a local shelter where he was scheduled to be put down. When the rescue group got him he was 15lbs underweight and you could see his ribs and hip bones, now he's a healthy weight and he couldn't be more well mannered in large groups, around kids, or other dogs. Basically a perfect fit.

    He also LOVES to ride in vehicles so you guys will get to meet him as soon as there's a dog friendly event. I know Summer Showdown is coming up in Byron in June and I'll have him there!

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    Nice, can't wait to meet him.
    And good job on doing a rescue instead of buying from a puppy mill.


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      Thanks! I'd never get one from a Mill, we also have a Dachsund that Katie got about 3 years into us dating that is a rescue as well.