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    Originally posted by kaptinkaos View Post
    Got my car back a short while ago from the shop, was there for 2 weeks. Doing all the the necessary changes to the car to make it driveable without over heating.
    One thing I did is replace the air dams that got lost over the past year or so. Here is the top of the car before & after the new upper air dams. Made them out of 22 guage aluminum. The lower dam was also replaced with the same material.
    Those make a huge difference in cooling. I had an old Caprice cop car that had those things on it. I took them off thinking it looked "cooler". Well it started overheating as soon as summer came around. I hope that helps the cooling issues. We got some cars shows coming up!


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      I need to replace the fuel pump, my electric has to low of a volume, so I have a Holley Blue pump with regulator to put in this weekend.

      Yup, working on some, but it is sparce this year, everyone is out of business.


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        I think you should go a different direction. You obviously have a big enough radiator.

        I would spend the $200 and install a large engine oil cooler in front of that rad. Many people don't realize how much engine oil aides in cooling the motor. I bet that will make the difference.


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          Originally posted by BIGEVIL View Post
          A round hole just big enough for the air cleaner should keep the strength of the hood in tact. I haven't seen a steel cowl "add-on" just fiberglass. I suppose you could buy a cheap cowl hood from "godfathers" that fit a whatever and cut the cowl portion off of it.
          I would offer to do the hood for ya but you are quite a distance away. I did what Bigevil is describing to put the Formula scoops on my '68 Bonneville hearse. I hate the original A/C box that GM put on their old cars. I iwll be removing it from the '68. Yours is looking good with it removed. Are you planning on putting an aftermarket A/C unit back in or leaving it heat only?
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