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Z World Detroit (zombie theme park) in the planning stage.

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  • Z World Detroit (zombie theme park) in the planning stage.

    More info can be found at

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    I dont know how to navigate this site so im just going to ask you since I see your name everywhere. I am having a halloween wedding this October, I live in Swanton, Ohio near Toledo and I am trying to find someone to either drive us up to our reception in a classic hearse or rent one to us for an hour. Do you have any idea where I can look or who I can call. I feel like I have literally scoured the earth looking and cannot find anything except newer models through funeral homes, but they won't help us out because their insurance doesnt cover anyone in the back. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! My email is Thanks in advance, Shannon


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      I'm working on a site that will take care of just that actually. Should be up within the next week or two. In the meantime I'll contact some Ohio people and get back to you.

      Don't reply here as it's off topic, just message me directly at scary_guy_255 @ (split to avoid the spambots that are always watching.)


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        My wife and I got married last year on Halloween in a haunted house.. We had the same problem finding a hearse in time.. I bought our 63' and was not able to get it legal in time since I had to find a windshield.. Good luck on the wedding and search for a hearse.. That is definetly the way to go..