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Halloween party Friday October 7th in Westland

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  • Halloween party Friday October 7th in Westland

    Our friend Sid Ottolini from the City Club is throwing a Halloween party at his house in Westland on Farragut road. I have volunteered my hearse and would like to see someone else step up and bring their hearse out to place in his yard as part of the display. He is inviting anyone as long as they follow some guidelines and and don't get out of control.
    Here is a copy and paste of his info on his event list:

    Friday, October 7 at 7:00pm - October 8 at 2:00am

    Westland (Address to appear near party time)

    More Info:

    It's that time when the monsters want to come out to play. So here we are, ready to start it early! It's time to kick the month off with the first Halloween party.
    Come see the newest creatures of my monster squad. Come enjoy the junk food and drinks. Come by and hang out for a good time.
    This year, there may be some unique additions to the displays.

    Costumes not required, but it would be nice.
    There will be some snacks and drinks, but feel to add if you want.
    There will be movies both in the house and on the garage.
    Possible bonfire involving the burning monster.

    No drugs, no weapons, and no drama.
    No underage drinking.
    No smoking in the house. Garage and outside is O.K..
    Please check with me if you wish to invite someone with you. You are responsible for that guest.
    There is a family/children friendly party at a later date. PM me if you wish to come to that.

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    I don't get along with Sid, have fun though.

    Also I will be DJ'ing at a Noir Leather show the next night at the I-Rock in case anyone is interested.
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      Are you going to Deluth to meet thine enemies? lol love that commercial.


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        Ok so either no one is checking this thread much or I am just not getting the responses for yes or no. Guess I will have to consult further on our FB page.


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          Or send it out to the e-mail list.