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My Guiness Book of World Records certificate for the hearse parade

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  • My Guiness Book of World Records certificate for the hearse parade

    Here it is, my certificate for the Guiness record we achieved in Hell on Sept 17th 2011 with the aid of Just Hearse'n Around and other clubs/owners.

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    Oh that's nice, it's completely club neutral.

    Yes, sure glad they could help us get it, lol :P


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      Damn, I knew I would forget something. Thats ok, its not registered with Guiness as with a certain club, so the only recognition that would be made would be on the certificate. Everyone should know when they come by the hearse anyway of the club it comes from.


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        You didn't forget, I know you can get it put on but I like that it's club neutral. It was an effort by many people from different clubs. I'm just happy we got to help meet the goal with many of our members showing up. Hopefully next year we can bury that old goal and set a new one with 52 or more.


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          Has anybody bothered trying to do a head count for this year? There were 12 of us at the Grand Rapids Metro Cruise 2 weeks ago and I think we were all planning on going.


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            I don't even think there are 12 members in our club lol. I guess you mean total.

            Anyway I know I'm going, Alexis will probably be there, Reaper says his car should be ready by then, and Fats should be there as well. R.J. will probably show up with a few of his (I think he's up to three?) and Mike with his REPTILE ride... So 9 off the top of my head assuming all goes according to plan.


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              I'm only going to be able to bring one of my two, but time and money are hard things to have at the same time. Otherwise I would definitely be bringing both.


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                I'll see you guys there! Had a great time last year. Bringing the 1991 Buick-Eagle hearse again this year


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                  Did you know we had a similar attempt in Holland Europe?

                  For starters I have to tell you that they are not to compare for several reasons, let’s tell you two of the main reasons. First my country is about 14.000 sc mi, slightly more as the complete state Maryland (about 12.000 sc mi). Maryland counts about 6 million people, in my country are about 17 million people, so much more crowded. So we are a tiny country, even compared to the most of your U.S. States.
                  Of course we have a lot of clubs and associations for old car lovers, but there isn’t a hearse club. There is simply no interest. Halloween is also unknown here.

                  In 2012 one of our funeral directors organisations got the idea for a long funeral car procession (or stole the idea, witch is more plausible). Only hearses witch are in active duty (or could be very easily used for this task again) were allowed. There where participants from all over our country. (Even from one Belgium and one Germany) It was an official attempt for the Guinness book. For those of you who are interested I have some links for you:


                  Even for truckers there is now a funeral truck:

                  As I told you, you can not compare those two attempts. I applaud for you; forming a procession from over 50 hearses (!!), often saved from the junkyards, and well maintained by true lovers is something we do not know in Holland.