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My trip to Canada and new license because of it.

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  • My trip to Canada and new license because of it.

    So I went to Canada a few months ago and had to get an "enhanced drivers license" which has a chip in it and is good for crossing over in any state. I was researching it and figured out that for only $5 more I could get a chauffeur's license. Now that's not a bad thing to have considering that as the law is written you have to "Operates a Taxi or Limousine" (note that it doesn't say for business or personal pleasure and in the exemptions it doesn't list driving them for personal pleasure.)

    Technically, a hearse counts as a limousine, and many come from the same coachwork (or at least used to). When I told that to a parking lot attendent after she asked she said they don't allow limos to park in that lot. She couldn't even tell me why it was policy, just that it was.

    Anyway, you can find more information by reading this PDF

    I studdied that PDF for five minutes on the morning I went to take the test. The test consisted of 15 multiple choice questions and got a score of 15/15 correct.

    My point is that it isn't hard to get and COULD save you from getting a ticket. On the other hand though, I've had a herase since 2004 and no cop has ever given me crap about not having it. My point is that if they really wanted to be dicks they could potentially do that, and it would technically be in the letter of the law.