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Michigan hearse renter information e-mailing list.

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  • Michigan hearse renter information e-mailing list.

    So I've created an e-mailing list for hearse rental information in Michigan. This will be a joint project with all the other hearse clubs here as well. I've already contacted Steve "Pumpken Embalmer" about it since he's been very active with the whole world record thing and JHA in general.

    If anyone from Michigan wants to be on it please let me know. Also please let me know the following:

    How far you're willing to travel to an event.
    The types of events you'd like to do (movie shoots, weddings/proms, taxi service, haunted house prop, whatever else I haven't thought of.
    The minimum ammount of reasonable money you'd like to make.
    The year, make, and model of your hearse (in case they're picky and want something custom/period. This is especially important for movie shoots.)

    THIS LIST IS ONLY FOR MICHIGAN. If anyone else wants to run a list on the server let me know and I'll be happy to set one up for them for their state (and list it here).

    The basic idea is that either someone posts to the list asking for help, or when one of us gets an e-mail asking about a hearse rental we forward it to the list.

    If anyone knows some better software suited to this task I'm all ears.

    Don't try to undercut anyone after the job is accepted, this makes you look like a dick.
    If you agree to do the job, do the damn job. If it turns out you can't make the event, then post to the list as soon as possible. DO NOT POST ANY LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT'S START TIME! DO NOT NO CALL/NO SHOW, I WILL FIND YOU AND FUCK YOU WITH A RAKE.

    That's all I've got right now. If anyone else has any other ideas please post here.