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1958 Cadillac Eureka For Sale

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  • 1958 Cadillac Eureka For Sale

    After getting several emails over the past few months and just recently another private message - I have updated the title of this thread to reflect the SOLD nature of the Eureka.

    Please skip to the last page of this thread to see a picture of the car on its way to its new owner:

    Also, I do NOT know anyone else who has a fin car for sale. - Thanks!

    THIS CAR IS SOLD - I'm leaving the thread in tact simply for reference should anyone have a need in the future.


    I have decided to sell my Eureka. As some of you know already, it can crank up and drive around the yard but it currently has no rear brakes nor fuel system. I have the parts for rebuilding the rear brakes (shoes, wheel cylinders, lines, etc) and they are in the box pictured in the front seat below. I have my diagnostic pump/tank that I use to move it around out of the shop when I need to. Its condition has not changed since last year when I was wrenching on it and the thread I used to document the work I did is at

    I'll answer whatever questions might be asked as best I can, but this specific car is pretty well documented in the aforementioned thread and aside from the 390 v8, disc brakes and larger wheels to accommodate the calipers I think it is reasonably stock. There is no roller assembly in the back. What you see is what you get. The plywood deck in the rear has water damage on the rear most piece that lifts out. If so desired, all of the original parts I removed (brake MC/booster, drums, etc) will be included as well.

    Also, I believe the wheel covers that came with the car are original. All four are there. I will include the original wheels with the accompanying nasty tires if so desired too.

    I have $6000 in the car as it sits and that is what I want to sell it for.

    I took some pictures this morning:

    Please feel free to ask me anything about the car.
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    Hi Dickey


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      Very nice, Inabit of a hurry, about to leave for work. So i didn't have time to read the forum. Is it a three way? Well, Was it? What's the big space behind the bench for? Where the hubcaps are sitting. Goodluck with the sale


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        Allocating funds now Dickey....My '57 is lonely


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          Originally posted by Weirdo View Post
          Very nice, Inabit of a hurry, about to leave for work. So i didn't have time to read the forum. Is it a three way? Well, Was it? What's the big space behind the bench for? Where the hubcaps are sitting. Goodluck with the sale
          It is a three way hearse, I have no idea what the space behind the seats is for. I know that the car was used for several years as just a personal vehicle, likely that's when the casket hardware was removed and the shag carpeting was added along with a bright red seat cover.


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            Thought so, Saw the missing pillars but didn't wanna jump to conclusions straight away. I thought maybe the space would be used for the spare wheel. I'm fairly certain thats what it'd be used for, i know 55/56 have the spare wheel there anyway.. Could be wrong though.
            Is there a specific reason for selling? Or just need the space/money?



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              Just decided I wouldn't be able to finish the car in a reasonable amount of time is all. It is a solid car but it will need a lot of attention. To be honest, I'd have put the car up for sale sooner but I'm going through a divorce and it was one of the marital assets that I wasn't allowed to sell. The evil witch and I have recently come to a legal arrangement and I'm now able to proceed with my life again.

              //and let that be a lesson to any kids in the audience:

              $83 out of pocket to get married
              $48,780 out of pocket to get divorced

              Next time I consider getting married, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.


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                That is my dream car... but with a '58 Superior in the garage and nowhere near the necessary funds in the bank, sadly I can't step up and buy it.


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                  Good to hear from you again Dickey! Sorry about all the shit you went through. Hope your well. I expressed interest in this coach a while back. Unfortunately i just purchased a project coach, and possibly another one on the horizon. This ones out of my price range too.

                  Well worth the asking price. Best of luck with the sale. Shes absolutely gorgeous. I hope it finds a good home.


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                    Prenup, my friend.


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                      my first car in 1969 a 1958 limo style with the triangular wraparound rear windows. 3 way and that sweet arched roof. had it for 5 yrs then some fool tboned my right side rear door. yes is a 3 way. Have the doors sagged yet?


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                        The doors don't even rattle when they shut. I'm right impressed with them to be honest.

                        I'd venture somebody at Eureka really wanted to go overkill on the hinge setup:


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                          Those hinges look identical to my Superior... I wonder if they used the same supplier?


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                            That is one beautiful ride. I do so wish I could give her a home. But as with so many, out of work for 2 years kills the toy fund. At that price she shouldn't be around long.


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                              I thought as much too but I have not yet gotten one serious offer on the car.

                              I hate to let it sit, but at least it doesn't cost me anything.