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1958 Cadillac Eureka For Sale

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    !!! You did NOT just think about crushing it! I (Along with the whole forum) will give you 800 for it any day!


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      The point of crushing it would be to insure that it is gone forever. Were I that mad at the car, gaining satisfaction from money would be moot so I may as well get something for my troubles.

      //I was mostly being facetious in my prior post as well.

      Didn't feel the need to post up another reply but did want to wrap up this thread:

      Looks like the buyer was legit. I've gotten paid and so far everything seems to be above board. I think his shipping company will be picking the car up in another week or so and I've learned it is much cheaper to just buy one of these things after someone else has put all the work in it, hehe.
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        is this still for sale?


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          My last post may have been ambiguous. The car is no longer for sale. I drove it up onto a car trailer a few weeks ago and the last I saw, it was on its way to Italy.


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            So I see the car being tied down by the tires. Is that the prefered way to secure a car? I would figure to secure the body, so nothing moves?

            Congrats on the sale.


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              It's the preferred way I use to move a car but I know that other people's mileage varies. The way I see it, the wheels are already attached to aspects of the chassis that were intended to deal with potholes, heavy braking, sharp turns and the like. It also allows the suspension on the car to absorb some of the energy when getting bounced around.