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14 bolt overkill for rear axle 70 cadillac

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  • 14 bolt overkill for rear axle 70 cadillac

    I'm going to start building my 70 cadillac hearse and can't find any 4.10's for the rear axle. The engine will be modified and possibly swapped out for more power sometime down the road. What axles are a common upgrade? I'm thinking of going with a 14 bolt since they are cheap and plentiful, what lighter axles are used that will handle the weight and power?

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    i don't know about lighter but you could go with a 9"


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      The old Chrysler 8 3/4 are a good choice. They are a little smaller than a ford 9", but almost as strong.


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        how do you think that will that hold up to a built big block? I'm thinking around 600hp and at least as much torque down the road.


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          We ran one in our economy dragster for a few years. With 700 hp and a trans brake, we were pretty hard on it. Worked fine until we went to 632 cubes and 1,000 hp. Thats when we went to a giant Mark Williams set-up.