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Let me tell a tale of resurrection and honoring one of our own

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  • Let me tell a tale of resurrection and honoring one of our own

    Some folks might remember disPAIN'Sbac (RIP) from here from many many moons ago. He trolled me bigger than shit with him saying he bought a pink pinto and wanted me to stripe it. Actually might be easier to just explain in video form.

    Well this is what it looked like in 2011 (now that I fixed the forums I was able to find these pictures):

    Well now that car belongs to us! I was going to put it up for sale and Nikki told me she thought it was cool as shit so we decided to keep it.

    Took us all of 10 minutes to get it running and can actually drive it in and out of the shop now. Needs a LOT but we figured we'd honor our brother by keeping the legacy of his insanity alive. Eventually it'll be a metallic purple with as much ridiculous pinstriping as she'll let me do to it.​​​​​
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    LMS if you haven't seen what it looks like lately she's nicely tucked inside the shop and getting lots of love.


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      I cannot express how happy I am that you guys got this car and are giving it the love it deserves!


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        It will be nice to see you guys do something great with it.