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looking for 58 Chrysler pics

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  • looking for 58 Chrysler pics

    I picked up a 58 Chrysler built by National MFG. It is clearly a blank slate as it is totally striped., Does anyone have any pics of a 58s interior to give me an idea of how it is supposed to look? The prior owner hacked up the rear wheel wells so I will have to replace body panels as well as floorboards etc. I .have put disc brakes on the front. It is going to be a labor of love or hate depending on how you look at it

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    Unfortunately I do not, but thank you for your service in restoring a thing of beauty like that.

    If you'd like to share your photos of how it looks now I'm sure a few here might be interested though.

    Good luck on your quest!


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      I'll try to get some posted, but it keep saying my pics are too big to upload. Seem like the only thing that isn't rusted bad is what the hearse company did


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        Think I finally figured it out
        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 3 photos.


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          Well the bones are there at least, but that's going to be a mountain of work. Thanks for saving it though.

          Also that makes sense about the rust since the car companies still tried to be cheap about things. They probably wanted (and still want) cars to rust in order to force people to buy new ones. I'd be kinda surprised if coach companies wouldn't follow suit though.


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            As far as coach companies following suit, my 92 is fiberglass from the back of the front seats on back. the rear door is metal as is the frame for the fiberglass shell. the rear wheel house is starting to rust though.. I have the two rearmost windows for the 58 but the frames are almost nonexistent. Looks like National used wood to attach most of the interior items in the back once that gets wet the metal will go pretty quick.