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Got a hearse? Go to Hell.

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  • Got a hearse? Go to Hell.

    EVERYONE is welcome to join Just Hearse 'N Around in Hell, Michigan, September 17, 2011, to join in our attempt to set a new Guinness World Record!

    Even if you can't make it, help spread the word!

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    Aww cool! Good luck! can't wait to see pics


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      Thank you for the invite, I had a great time. The cheers when you made the record were thunderous !!!! The monster truck hearse was great, he really made a grand entrance !!!!

      I hope you keep doing the parade and get it bigger and bigger !!!! Maybe 100 hearses ! It could be like the dream cruise in hell .... People will travel all over to be a part of it ....



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        "Dream Cruise in Hell", not a bad idea!

        Congratulations and thanks to the 51 hearse drivers that came out and helped us set a Guinness World Record!

        After we get our paperwork back from Guinness, the registered participants will be able to order their own copies of our official Guinness certificate. Stay tuned to for information as it becomes available.

        Our event is always the third Saturday in September, so we'll see you all in Hell, Saturday, September 15, 2012


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          Man those cars looked close, did anyone get rear ended?
          Does look fun though.


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            Everyone was fine. The Guinness rules state that the parade not have any gaps in the line, so we made sure we didn't. Wouldn't want to miss the record on a technicality!


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              Originally posted by TheGreatMilenko View Post
              It could be like the dream cruise in hell
              I had a thought last night.

              Rather than the Woodward Dream Cruise, we can call it the Hell Nightmare Cruise.