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1971 Cadillac rocker panel rust

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  • 1971 Cadillac rocker panel rust

    So just bought a 71. Might be a stupid question but wanted to ask regardless. There is a considerable amount of rust on the panels and the wheel wells. I have a buddy that is a welder and said he can mock up replacments. Is this the best option, what actually should be done. Or can I sand it down and bondo it. Also am I a dick for asking about the bondo.... Thanks.
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    So a friend has a 72 Cadillac Limo. The front end looks about the same. It has some rust but looks to only be surface. I think I may take the fender but all the glass is good as well as the trim. Wasn't sure if anyone is in need of parts.


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      Old thread, but I'm curious if you're done fixing them. My caddilac has some rust problems especially on the rocker panel.